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Behind the lens

Kawika tomlinson

photographer & creative director

maui, hi.


what i do...

My goal as a photographer is to connect brands with like-minded individuals by creating imagery that accurately represents the values and lifestyles of each. I’m always striving to understand my clients specific needs on a project so that together we can create an outcome that brings together both my artistic perspective, as well as their individualized goals in a fun and collaborative way.


how it started


Growing up I was always  drawn to different outlets of creativity and self-expression. It all started with drawing and soon manifested into an obsession with skateboarding, music, surfing and motorcycles. I was drawn to the culture of it all. The art, design, fashion and lifestyle. There was no rules or restrictions, in fact, the whole point was to do it how you wanted.

When I was introduced to photography as a teenager I was hooked.  It was doing all the things I loved in one. It completely changed my perspective of how I saw the world around me as the creative possibilities were endless and that's what continues to drive me to this day. 



my style


While I have a great appreciation for a variety photographic avenues, I’m most drawn to portraiture and lifestyle photography. For me it’s about creating imagery that captures those unique moments which embody and highlight the individual, brand, or product and the lifestyle that revolves around it. I'm intrigued by the idea of doing more with less and often find no need for lights or a fancy studio. I want to capture that raw and authentic feeling moment. 

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